Saturday, September 22, 2018


Do we speak it or do we wear it? Our testimony, that is!
Sharonda literally wears hers---on her ears. JoLynn pointed that out to me and then I saw the crosses dangling from her lobes. My ears had already heard the kindness in her voice.
This morning as I was having my cuppa, the word "tes-TEA-mony" came to mind followed by thoughts of Sharonda, our "Sha-Sha full of sunshine." (Matthew 5:16)
I wonder if she knows the T-Cups dubbed her that?

What a reminder that it is for our actions to share Jesus, not just our words.
In our daily lives it's so easy to relegate Jesus to the back seat.

Jesus rode in the front seat with Sharonda. I know because I noticed her pink Bible right up there with her. How grateful I am to the Lord that he allowed our paths to cross with hers! One who not only loves the Lord but goes above and beyond & sometimes even out of her way, to bless others.

"Question to Self"---is Jesus seen front and foremost in my life? 
Does he ride alongside throughout the day?
Have I moved Him to the backseat or shoved Him in the trunk where He is unseen.

Not Sharonda! Our "ray of SONshine" has Jesus in the driver's seat right along with her, as she allows Him to steer her way!

Friday, September 21, 2018


Old fashioned? Maybe.
Polite? Definitely.
Southern? Probably.
Small Town? 

I will be "much obliged" if you
are patient, waiting on my next entry.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


The most difficult person in my life is "moi."
God wants me to love the ones I don't understand.
God wants me to get to know their names,.
God wants me to accept, not to label. (p. 43)

This and many other stories from the author's life can draw one's attention to truth from God's word in a variety of "real life" situations.

In previous weeks, I have shared stories from this book with family, a dear friend, Carolyn McKenzie who was at the Jewish Home rehab and in a Town Village Bible Study.
The chapter which struck the "aha" cord from everyone, along with tickling their funny bone, was "Bucket List." A good read for drawing one's attention to "What's in Your Bucket?"
Tas-TEA cuppa, TEA-larious book & TEA-rrific read, What a trio!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


When hubby spoke at his dear friend Charlie Mazzone's funeral yesterday, he commented that Charlie always told him, "I've got your back." Everyone knew those words came out of their deep, trusting friendship which spanned 40 + years. They both knew they had each others back because they knew each other so well.
I thought about that today as the tree climbers in the tall tree in the backyard had me fearful. I was so tense when I watched the climber going higher and higher and higher. I was more fearful than he. He "knew" who was holding his rope and trusted him. Implicit trust. A trust based on confidence in the one whom he knows.

Christians have faith in the One whom they know. The One who always has their back. An assurance that grows the more we spend time with the Lord in His word and get to know Him better.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace,  that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)...

...and give thanks to the One who has our back, especially during times of struggle.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Wordsmith Wednesdays seem to frequently have me exploring verbs. I have spent several years focusing on dance in both the verb and noun parts of speech. However, the last 2 years I have focused on a single "action" verb each year. I know because in 2017 I logged over 200 "choose" blog entries. Sunday, I reread a "choose" entry on nearness of God as I was praying for others through Psalm 73. 2018's verb focus has been "consider" and I've learned in all my actions, it's important to "consider" Him first! (Hebrews 12:3) 
I might need to focus more on Him today as I seem to be  growing weary and losing heart, as the rest of the verse states. Lysa Terkeurst's Embraced, stated, "We run at a breakneck pace to try and achieve what God wants us to slow down enough to receive. (p.19)

Maybe I need to focus more on "to be" verbs ----verbs of being, not action.

Maybe for me, a compromise is needed---action verbs indicating a slower speed.

Amble. Linger. Relax. Soak. Be still. Bask. Be refreshed.


Slowing verbs might be just what I need. How about you?

Monday, September 3, 2018


Straight forward.
4 words of truth.
Four words for focus.
  1. I live in you. (Galatians 2:20)
  2. I give you strength. (Isaiah 40:29 & Psalm 59:16)
  3. I am with you. (Joshua 1:9)
  4. You are My Beloved. (Song of Solomon 2:16)
Beloved, we are God's therefore, we will benefit when we focus on these  4-word truths as we start our Monday with meditation!

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Gals have friends. Childhood friends, college friends, garden club friends, Bible study friends & neighbors.
Guys, not so much.
Unless you are Larry Liles and Charlie Mazzone.
Larry and Charlie in their Starsky and Hutch years in the 70s.
From lots of hair, even facial hair, to "glow in the dark" white hair and less hair!
Friends from the "get-go." From the competitiveness in sports at arch-enemy high schools---to ping- pong and cork ball duels at Memphis State/UM. Games of fervor!
Fellow coaches from the university supporting each other's chosen sport. Handball & Racquetball-- even being doubles partners in senior racquetball tourneys. Traveling to Las Vegas, Colorado, Houston and to Jacksonville or just across town to Redbird's stadium to "be there" for encouragement as well as celebrating awards. UM Silver M Club. Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame.
So many stories. Heartwarming to hilarious!

"Ranger Years" at Shelby Farms. "Ranger Down. Ranger Down!" Oh the stories they tell! (Most not appropriate for this public blog.) From the saddle of a horse to the cold, wet seats of a fishing boat, or under water with their scuba gear at Lake Ouachita & breakfast around a campfire--a terrific twosome having fun.
Sharing the winnings on the floor at Circus Circus, in the earlier years, to sharing the load of care when each has had turns in the hospital in more recent years. They are there for each other.

A comic duo of sorts.  Think, Laurel and Hardy. "And what will you have Stanley? I'll have Tutti-Fruiti!" Being in the car with them as one tells the other how to drive is also a "road rage event" with Charlie threatening to get out of the car.

A friendship that has spanned the decades---and matured from friendship to fellowship, "walking in the light as He is the light." (1 John 1:7)
A friend loveth at all times (Proverbs 17:17) and the friendship/fellowship of these two exemplifies just that!!
All genders could learn the value of friendship topped off with true fellowship from this dynamic duo!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Worship is about God.
Worship is a time to give back to God.
Worship is being in God's Presence.
Only Jesus Himself can lead us into God's Presence.  (Bob Kauflin)
He is our worship leader.

Worship can be individual or corporate.
Corporate worship comes when God's people join together. Sitting or standing.

Worship is NOT about music style, praise songs/hymns choices or hand positions.

A worshipping church is believers together in His Presence for His glory. 
Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness. (Psalm 29:2, ESV)
Sunday, 8/26/18. First Evan Worship pastor, Ron Man, in his semi-farewell address, reminded the congregation of those truths. His analogy of corporate worship was given as he read from Stone Soup--a very familiar tale to this librarian, who loved it.

It clearly illustrated that as the villagers had brought to the "pot" from their own larders, God's people come to worship bringing their own full hearts of praise and gratitude.
Hearts blended together.
A great feast before the Lord in which all participate to His glory.
A sweet aroma unto Him. (2 Corinthians 2:15)
And....that's the truth. A "Tuesday Truth!"

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Yesterday ended week 2 of our 50th Anniversary. Our 50th anniversary will be August 9.2019…. but I decided to begin celebrating on August 10, because to me, that was the 1st day of our 50 years as a married couple.  So,  I started a gold/50 theme to carry our each week prior to our 50th. Many of these “unique to us gifts” are still whirring around in my head but the overriding idea is one of fun, mystery and refreshment to both of us as we age together.

The first week, I delivered a golden bowl of scrolled prayers on gold paper tied with golden ribbon. The inspiration was Revelation 5:8, where John describes the golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. This reference refers to collective prayers of all God’s people which are a sweet aroma that is pleasing to Him. My prayers for the first week were prayers for hubby with my request to be the wife God would have me be, respecting and loving hubby as a way of honoring him and in turn honoring the Lord. (Ephesians 5:33)
Look closely to see bowl in right corner of picture with a prayer scroll.
Week 2, the golden bowl was set aside to make room for prepping our golden dinner, which we shared with our neighbors on the patio. They were in on the surprise to see if hubby recognized  the color theme of our “”golden” dinner.

The "golden kabobs were the side for our scallops dipped in "golden butter" along with the grilled golden peaches. 
The evening ended with an “almost-full moon” which appeared “golden” to our naked eye but hard to catch on our cell phone.
Will keep you posted through out the year as we add to our weekly "golden bucket list" journey to our “golden anniversary” next year!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


What is a warrior? Warriors in the faith come along side each other to encourage and build one another up. (1 Thessalonians 5:11) Maybe being a warrior entails pushing that wheelchair so that she can sit outside the "facility" for the first time since July 2.
Warriors are there day and night, either physically or spiritually or sometimes both.
Warriors are the watchmen, appointed by God, to pray day and night and to take no rest for themselves & continually cry out to God until God makes wherever his people minister a praise in the earth (Isaiah 62:6-7), ie a place of sanctuary, a happy place, of sorts.
With dear high school, Winslow, the call to be her warrior has brought us all together again on her behalf.
Since we love one another as God has loved us (John 13:34), and are called to prayer, fellowship & breaking bread together, even if it was benedictine on a cracker,  (Acts 1:14 & Acts 2:42).  There was "light" from the fellowship (1 John 1:7), & speaking aloud in psalms & hymns, making melody with with our heart unto the Lord, in oneness inside room 111.

From ICU to rehab to the hospital and back again there has been a cadre of folks, armed with "Winslow Will Win" purple bracelets ready to pitch in on her behalf!!! Note Dotsy's right wrist.

Now you know what a warrior is in the deepest sense of the words. Among believers, it's the ones who stand on your side---lift you when your down, kneel in prayer when you can't, and some times "bust you out" of a "facility" so that you can see the outside world again and even do a little shopping!!!
What a thrill to end the day encircling her chair, holding hands and praising the Lord who had "strengthened (Winslow's) weak hands" and answered prayers from "His Word which help the tottering to stand and to have strengthened her feeble (left) knee." Job 4:4)